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Important 2 Tips for Filling Petrol And Diesel

Important 2 Tips for Filling Petrol And Diesel

Useful information we all might know 
but use very less frequently

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-: 2 Tips for Filling Petrol Or Diesel :-

Only buy or fill up your car or bike during early morning, when the ground temperature is still cold.
Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks underground. . The colder the ground, the more dense the fuel.
When it gets warmer, petrol expands.
So, buying in the afternoon or in the evening, your litre is not exactly a litre.
In the petroleum business, the specific gravity and the temperature play an important role.
1 degree rise in temperature is a big deal for this business. But the service stations do not have temperature compensation at the pumps

Another most important tip is to fill up when your tank is HALF FULL.
The reason for this is, the more fuel you have in your tank the less is the air occupying its empty space.
Petrol evaporates faster than you can imagine.

Friday, September 23, 2011

World Fame 10 Astronomical Aircraft Hangars

World Fame 10 Astronomical Aircraft Hangars

Hangar is a Secret Room that hidden the Aircraft from different type of Satellites.
It is a Steel Room where you can hold Aircraft easily. It protects Aircraft from Weather as well as from Sun Light. It is mostly built with Steel and other Metals.
Banyan Steel Arch System is used for making of Hangers. This system is Durable Arch Structures that are beneficial for Aircraft Hangars.

1. British Aerospace (Hatfield)

It is a big hangar with 80 meters and height of 20 meters. A plant of constant heating temperature and a system that protects from fire are working in this amazing hangar. Electricity doors operated and also have anemometer that controlled cut outs to prevent opening in high winds.

2. Dubai International Air Port (U.A.E)

It is the busiest air port of the world and also the big hangar of air crafts. It has its width 132 meters and entry height is 20 meters with two spans of 66 meters. These days it is being constructed and it will become largest hangar of the world. Then its width will be 600 meters and height will be 110 meters. In this big hangar there are smoke detectors are fixed for the safety of aircraft from heat and fire.

3. Manston Airport

This large hangar was constructed basically for helicopter and aircraft repair and maintenance. The main area of this hangar is 52m by 115m but the entrance area is 22m by 41m.

4. Shannon Airport (Eire)

This hangar built for Aer Rianta to renowned UPS Courier Services which carrying cargo for supplying all over the world. The doors are used in it made with fabric. It has 76m width and 20m height. Administration building is also on the side of this hangar for assistance. They manage all the affairs relating the hangar.

5. Manchester International Airport

This hangar is use for maintenance and repair of different airlines that are up to big sizes. It has 85 meters span for Aircraft Engineering.

6. Bournemouth International Airport

This hangar has 24 meter height and 85 meter span. The hangar is well decorated with different things.

7. Scatsta Airport (Shetland Isles)

This hangar is made for helicopters. It has 2 spam portal framed building with 80m by 41m area and height is 7.5 meters. Small area of roof is polycarbonate and the factory sealed roof lights for natural light. This hangar is being used for helicopters only that are why it is called helicopter hangar for scasta airport.

8. Biggin Hill Airport (London)

This hangar was completed some time ago. This air port and the hangar is the most beautiful and stylish. VIP terminal of it made to cater for an international clientele. The doors used are automatic. It has width on the entrance spot is 56.9 meters and height 10.2 meters. The whole system of this beautiful hangar is remote controlled.

9. Suvarnabhumi Airport

It is the largest commercial air line hangar of the world. It is now in process form. This hangar will support to stand in any size of air crafts with safely. Almost this is completed but first the engineers will test the hangar then they will allow to others to use it. It will provide service to stand out the big air crafts of the world. This hangar follows all the standards of ICAO. The weight of its roof is 10,000 tones which is more than Eiffel Tower.

10. Lufthansa Technik Malta Trple Archspan Hangar

This hangar provides services for maintenance and repair to all over the world. There are three hangars in this airport two have 90m by 90m and third one has 90m by 66m area. In this big hangar the weight of doors is 332 tones. This hangar is well developed and has all facilities that a good hangar can. This is a big source for employment also.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Car of The Future – En-V

To fill the niche of “Short-Range Urban Transport, GM designed the EN-V where roads are tighter and space is limited. 
But driving distances are shorter than rural or suburban trips. 
It’s about half the length of a Smart Car and Weighs only 900 lbs.

GM designed the EN-V, which had its North American debut last week at CES, to fill the niche of short-range urban transport,

where roads are tighter and parking space is limited, but driving distances are shorter than rural or suburban trips.

It’s about half the length of a Smart car and weighs only 900 lbs.

Each model – Miao, Jiao, and Xiao – has its own unique style and color,

but they all have two-seat cabins fitted onto a two-wheel base, co-designed by Segway.

The base provides extreme mobility and allows the car to do cool things, like turn in place.

It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, and it uses gyroscopic sensors to balance the car’s weight and detect the direction and angle of tilt. 

The sensors can also independently rotate the wheels forward or backward as needed for balance and propulsion.

Don’t worry – test drivers have said that when you’re driving, you can’t feel any tilting or wheel movement.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the EN-V is its communication system.

It uses sonar to detect pedestrians, other cars, and cyclists, and a slew of other gadgets – cameras, GPS, car-to-car communication – combined with the sonar allow the car to drive all by itself.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about searching for a parking space ever again. With a smartphone, you could simply program your EN-V to park itself and return to you when you need it.

Unfortunately, we won’t see the EN-V on the road for quite some time.

GM says it’ll be another 20 or 30 years before consumers really need this type of car, but we’re glad to see they’re thinking ahead.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terrafugia - The Plane-car

Simply Land at the Airport, Fold your Wings up and Drive Home. 
The Time required for the Transition from Plane to Car takes less than 30 Seconds. 
Fly a Distance of 725 Kilometers at Speeds of 115 KM/Hour.

Terrafugia has completed flight testing of the Transition POC (Proof of Concept)

Introducing the Transition

Simply land at the airport, fold your wings up and drive home

Fly a distance of 725 kilometers at speeds of 115 km/hour

requires a special license to drive and fly

The time required for the transition from plane to car

takes less than 30 seconds

Vehicle speed 185 km/hour

range is 724 km on highways

Vehicle is fueled with gasoline

and the price of the car is expected to be around $200,000


Friday, August 19, 2011

Ford Model R of 1909

Fuel for this Car was sold in Drug Stores only. 

There were only 8,000 Cars and only 144 Miles of Paved Roads. 

The Maximum Speed Limit in Most Cities was 10 mph.


This will boggle your mind!

************ ********* ***********
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The year is 1909.
More Than One Hundred Years Ago.

What a Difference a Century Makes!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

White Gold, Not Stainless Steel

No, It Is Not Stainless Steel

It Is Gold.. Pure Gold.. Just White Gold !


What Recession ?

So, it seems that this 'Global Recession' has not impacted Negatively on everyone.

Check this out !

It's a Mercedes Benz owned by an Abu Dhabi Oil Billionaire

Featuring the newly developed V10 Quad Turbo with 1,600 HP
and 2800nm of Torque 0-100 km/h in less than 2secs
1/4 mile in 6.89 secs running on Bio-Fuel

That is NOT Stainless Steel Sir, it is WHITE GOLD !