Saturday, July 9, 2011

Most Craziest Wedding Cars

You Fell In Love With These Craziest Wedding Cars. While These Are Very Small, But They Cost Almost The Same As The 4-Seated Cars.
These Wedding-Day-Ride Cars Are Cutest Which Can Attract Everyone For Their Awesome Designs.
Just See These Funny Cars, A Groom And A Bride Smart Car...  Very Nice And Unique Idea Instead Of Settling For The Usual Bridal Cars.

1. Groom and Bride Smart Car

2. Truck Wedding Car

3. Sharing Groom Car

4. Redneck Wedding Car

5. Batman Wedding Car

6. Chinese Asian Wedding Car

7. Tank Wedding Car

8. Toilet Paper Mummy Wrap Car

9. Innovation Weirdest Car

10. Turtle Wedding Car

11. Ambulance Wedding Car

12. Dirty Wedding Car

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